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This Page contains items of interest that record the activities of NABSELLP since the launch of the organisation in 2011.
The Launch 2011
NABSE ? A group of like-minded surveyors and examiners who decided to form a collective group or 'alliance' to stimulate free and open dialogue between all interested parties. In addition to providing professional recognition of its Partner Members, the Alliance is also committed to delivering a much improved understanding of the rules, regulations and guidance that govern the use and operation of UK-based small craft.
Definition - 'Alliance'
..."An agreement between two or more parties or organisations, made in order to advance common goals and long term objectives that further the common interests of the partners, members or groups involved in the alliance "...
2011 - Approved Gas Course

NABSE, in conjunction with the South Worcestershire College (Evesham) launched the first 'approved' Marine Industry LPG Training Course at the college's 'Energy Training Centre' on 24 Jan 2011 . The first 5 students included 2 NABSE members, 1 ABSE member and 2 operatives from the marine industry. All successfully completed their training, are now qualified to CCLP1(Boats) and will be eligible to register with 'Gas Safe' by March 2011.

For news of future courses please watch this page
For more information return to 'About Us'
 2011 Alternative BSS Insurance Cover

Following many stages of discussion with a respected specialist marine-trades insurance underwriter a competitively priced alternative to the "Block" policy for BSS PI & PL insurance was launched.

NABSE were pleased to announce that their discussions with MERCIA MARINE (UNDERWRITING) LTD reached a successful conclusion and that all registered BSS Examiners would receive an email from MERCIA in which details of their very competitive offer would be explained. To ensure adherence to FSA guidelines, NABSE’s must emphasise there only involvement in this arrangement was to facilitate the introduction of a competitive alternative into the market place and that any questions regarding this very competitive offer should be directed to MERCIA MARINE in all cases (01684 564457 or

Conscious of financial pressures across all aspects of UK business, NABSE must congratulate MERCIA MARINE on their very professionally-managed response to our original request and would hope that their BSS Examiner Professional Indemnity (PI) & Third Party Liability (TPL) cover appeals to Examiners who find its terms match their individual business needs.

In addition to this new cover NABSE worked with the underwriter to offer a tiered policy to  provide 'bolt-on' cover for Surveyors PI and, for those who may be interested, PL cover for CCLP1B Gas Safe registered examiners.  
2011 NABSE Seeks official definition of 'Electrical system'

On occasions, BSS Examiners are asked to advise if a particular craft / craft configuration actually requires a BSS Certificate. While many would offer the view that existing guidance provides the answer, Examiners and Boat Owners alike need to be aware that the licensing requirements of the participating Navigation Authorities (NA's) are far from harmonised in this regard and can, in some instances, force the Examiner to give a totally unhelpful YES and NO answer !

As the key to this particular problem relates to the lack of an official and universally-applied BSS definition of the term 'Electrical System', the NABSE LLP have formally requested the Scheme to provide such a definition to ensure that all BSS Examiners (regardless of the NA's concerned) are able to provide a positive YES or NO answer to the above scenario.


2011 NABSE Preferred LPG Training Provider

The NABSE LLP is pleased to announce that the Energy Centre, South Worcestershire College, has been nominated as our preferred training provider for CCLP1B LPG training courses (Intermediate and Full ACS). These courses are now available for prospective marine industry gas operatives whose applications are supported by an acceptable portfolio of work.

For further information, take a look at and drill down via: Part Time Courses >Energy Training Centre >Energy Courses >ACS Gas Training or, contact the Energy Centre on 01386 712675

2011 NABSE seeks Industry assistance

For some time, Gas Safe registered NABSE partners have harbored concerns over the suitability of non-swaged termination methods that are used on some commercially available high pressure LPG pigtails. In particular, these concerns have arisen when HP pigtails have been found to leak when their end fittings have been secured by double / single ear ‘O’ clips / clamps and / worm-drive clips.

To ensure the availability of a credible definitive outcome that would be of benefit to hose assembly manufacturers / suppliers and those involved in Marine Surveying and Boat Safety Examination, NABSE are now awaiting the results from an industry test house on a series of formal tests under strict, quality-controlled conditions.



Boat Safety Scheme - Review of Examination Checking Procedure for Private Boats!

The BSS Office published (16 July 2012) the review of the current examination checking procedures (ECP's) used by examiners when conducting a BSS examination on private boats. The changes will affect many boat owners and examiners alike and are likely to be put in place in early 2013.
Please take time to study the various areas covered in the links on this page and if you have any comments (Good or Bad, For or Against) we would be very pleased to hear from you whether you are a boat owner, an examiner, a 'Partner' of NABSE or not. Please contact us through the link 'Contact Us'


Aug 2012

NABSE fully supports Gas Safety Week.

We point you here for more information 


Aug 2012


NABSE submit formal response to the BSS Office review to the proposed ECP changes reported See abovePlease see here for our comments


Feb 2013 NABSE Partnership Continues to Grow

NABSE has attracted more new Partners - an increase of 50% over 12 Months. More importantly after just 2 years since the launch we now represent 15% of all BSS Examiners.

To find an examiner near you who upholds our motto "the professional link between boaters and boats"  look here.